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The Sky Is Crazy,Fiction,Books

The Sky Is Crazy

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Author Yvonne Lee
ISBN 9789833318162
Pages 216
Condition Very Good
Format Paperback

Everyone has a plane story to share, but no one tells it better and funnier than the one who sings the Chicken-or-beef, Sir? rhapsody. In this humourous recollection of airplane anecdotes, "The Sky is Crazy Tales from a Trolley Dolly", shows you a kaleidoscope of stories spurned from a crazy sky. Be prepared for a slew of charades that bounce up your face in technicolour clarity. The hot and crisp descriptions expose the quirks, antics and idiosyncrasies of a travelling public as the author rambles on ad infinitum on their follies and foibles up high at 35 000 feet. Feel the absurdity of mid-air intercourse when desperate travellers trade lust in the loo. Catch the glimpse of a monitor lizard-faced VIP yelling out: If I can buy a plane, I can buy that girl! Watch the cabin aisle turn into a wrestling ring when two burly men throw fists and vulgarity. Meet men travellers who behave like cave-inhabitants and the female flyer coming aboard wearing her WMDweapons of mass distraction! Discover the lurid description of a passenger who mistook the cockpit door as the public urinal in his intoxicated state. So, welcome on boardfor a ride thats rife with hilarity, drama and absurdity!
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