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The Third Curve

The Third Curve

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Author Mansoor Khan
ISBN 9788192635101
Pages 202
Condition Very Good
Format Paperback

Financial markets are under threat. Growth rates are dropping. The age-old remedies prescribed to boost economic growth are proving ineffective, if not outright dangerous. Five years after the 2008 global financial crash, nothing seems to work as per projections. But what if the rules of the game have inverted? What if economic growth is eluding us for a reason that we have discounted all this while? What if there are indeed limits to growth? We need a new lens to understand this inversion of economic reality. The Third Curve provides us that lens. It identifies the root cause of the malady by reminding us of the forgotten relationships between money and energy, capital and resources, concept and reality. Only through recognizing the pitfalls of perpetual growth can we truly map a secure future for our business enterprises, ourselves, our children and the planet at large
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