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The U.S. Army Leadership Field Manual

The U.S. Army Leadership Field Manual

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Author The Center for Army Leadership, Center for Army Leadership (U.S.)
ISBN 9780071436991
Pages 212
Condition Good
Format Paperback

How the world's most dynamic organization prepares its leaders for battle, with valuable insights for today's business arena For mor than 50 years, The U.S. Army Leadership Field Manual has provided leadership training for every officer training program in the U.S. Army. This trade edition brings the manual's value-based leadership principles and practices to today's business world. The result is a compelling examination of how to be an effective leader when the survival of your team literally hangs on your decisions. More than 60 gripping vignettes and stories illustrate historical and contemporary examples of army leaders who made a difference. The U.S. Army Leadership Field Manual also provides: A leadership approach based on the army's core principles of "Be, Know, Do" Hands-on lessons to enhance training, mentoring, and decision-making skills Chapters that focus on the different roles and requirements for leadership
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