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Thin Places

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Author Marian Musmecci
ISBN 9780595423569
Pages 464
Condition Very Good
Format Paperback

What if the fabric of your perceptions, of not only yourself but also your world, was stretched so thin you could see through them? Leah Callaghan believes she has total control of her life as a wife, mother, daughter, and granddaughter. She teaches at a boarding school in a small coastal town in northern California and maintains a careful hold over her behaviors and her reactions. But this control is all an illusion. When a family member gives Leah a mysterious letter from her deceased grandmother, Leah is warned that reading the letter will forever change her life. Now, Leah is torn between keeping everything exactly the way it is-or uncovering her family's secrets. When Leah delves into her grandmother's story, it threatens not only her sanity but also the love and trust of those closest to her. Her past maintains an ever-tightening hold on the present. The intimacy she shares with her husband, the sincerity of her mothering, the intrinsic nature of her teaching-all reflect Leah's true personality. But it's not until she turns from the comfort of all she knows to face an unknown future that Leah finally discovers who she really is-and who she must become.
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