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Two Pronouns And A Verb,Fiction,Books

Two Pronouns And A Verb

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Author Kiran Khalap
ISBN 9789381506080
Pages 220
Condition Good
Format Paperback

Two Pronouns and A Verb frames the first and the last question in life: 'Who am I?' The story about Arjun, Dhruv, and Eva. Arjun, the hero from the epic Mahabharata, plagued by self-doubt, destined to kill his cousins, share his first wife, get consigned to hell instead of heaven because of his covert arrogance about his marksman skills. Dhruv, the hero from mythology who is unshakeable, settled as he is as the North Star, unshakeable in the lap of Lord Vishnu, one of the three reigning deities of 330 million Hindu gods and goddesses. Eva, Greek, Hebrew, Italian. Giver of life, harbinger of good news. Eva, the first love in their lives. They, the first love in hers.
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