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Enjoy free doorstep deliveries for 4 books or more.

Who Runs This Place?

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Author Anthony Sampson
ISBN 9780719565649
Pages 418
Condition Good
Format Hardback

Government power: Attorney-general and Blair crony, Lord Goldsmith, confirms the legality of war in Iraq in the face of convincing counter-arguments. Media power: Politicians resign regularly to satisfy media bloodlust and sales figures, while long-term democratic endeavour is irreparably damaged. Corporate power: FTSE100 fat-cats enjoy salary hikes of 92% over the past 10 years to GBP579,000, while inflation rises only by 25%. Every citadel, from the murky intelligence service to the boardrooms of business moguls, is stormed. The results are remarkable for their uncompromising awareness and penetrating depth. Anthony Sampson's direct access to powerful figures, his decades of power-watching, ensure unprecedented insights into Britain's ruling elites. But, above all, Who Runs This Place? is written for the here and now. When, in the backlash against institutional corruption, the call for accountability is becoming increasingly vocal and heartfelt. Anthony Sampson shows that only by examining who more
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