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Worldchanging: A User's Guide for the 21st Century

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Author Alex Steffen
ISBN 9780810930957
Pages 596
Condition Good
Format Paperback

Worldchanging is poised to be the Whole Earth Catalog for this millennium. Written by leading new thinkers who believe that the means for building a better future lie all around us, Worldchanging is packed with the information, resources, reviews, and ideas that give readers the tools they need to make a difference. Brought together by Alex Steffen, co-founder of the popular and award-winning web site, this team of top-notch writers includes Cameron Sinclair, founder of Architecture for Humanity, Geekcorps founder Ethan Zuckerman, sustainable food expert Anna Lappe, and many others. Renowned designer Stefan Sagmeister brings his extraordinary talents to Worldchanging, resulting in a book that will challenge readers to personally redefine the conversation about the future.Each chapter offers readers new answers to key questions, such as:Why does buying locally produced food make sense?What steps can I take to influence my workplace toward sustainability?How do I volunteer, advocate, and give more effectively?From eco-building to responsible shopping, political action to humanitarian relief, Worldchanging puts the power to solve problems into the reader's hands.
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