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What Space Means To Us

What Space Means To Us

It started with 3 boxes of books, a dusty corner in my grandfather’s spare room, and a few early customers who liked what we do. We were small — but cheap and cheerful.

As we got more confident in telling our story, books started pouring in. Generous readers gave up their favourite books, and choose to shop second-hand to support classrooms and teachers in Nepal. Everything was going well, but internally we were having a space crisis!

Every little visible gap was stuffed with books — on shelves, tabletops, public corridors (sorry neighbours), and even in the car boot for days (thanks dad).

It was unsightly. Then fulfilling daily orders became a nightmare. Our flawed system meant we often could not find what we were looking for. Thank god for having the most understanding customers on the planet.

This year, things are changing.

Some of you know we’ve recently decided to move part of our inventory to StorHub Self Storage - and it's been a refreshing. The bonus for us was that StorHub always have multiple industrial trolleys available at every drop-off points -and that we could move hundreds of KGs at one go. 

Our plan is to now:

  • rescue more books and expand into new categories for early readers
  • implement new systems to reduce order errors
  • process and fulfill orders quicker
  • raise more money for underfunded schools in Nepal
  • ..and please my neighbours 😊

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