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Enjoy free express delivery for 4 books or more
Enjoy free express delivery for 4 books or more

Giving Guide

To get started, (1) check book conditions, (2) snap 2 example photos, and (3) contact us for drop-offs

❌ What we don't accept Help us drive down costs by only giving what you will buy
  • If more than 20% of the pages or edges have visible brown spots, we do not accept them. 
  • No water stains, loose / torn pages, broken spines, dog eared covers, annotations, highlights, (names on leafpages are acceptable)
  • No library tags 

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Categories we don't take

✔️ Acceptable Conditions We set our bar high for our customers
  • Minimal to no brown spots on the pages
  • names written on front-page of book

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How To Give

Here's how you can start giving:

 1) Send 2 example photos of your books to us

  • The side photos will help us assess spine cracks and page quality
  • Not required for all books, just 4-5 of them
  • you can send us via messenger below or
  • We will let you know if they are suitable within 24 hours
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 2) Drop it off at 577186, Kong Beng Industrial Building, 41 Jalan Peminpin
  • We will receive it at the drop-off point with a trolley!
  • Message Us to schedule a date for drop off or email us at


3) If you have more than 20 books in almost brand new conditions..
  • We will personally come pick them up from you. Please message us or write in to schedule a pickup!