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Founding story

"It started as a personal challenge.

To do one thing that scares me the most in 2017.

That challenge somehow took me solo backpacking through Nepal to the foot of Mt. Everest in search of meaning. What I found instead, were youths - barely reaching adulthood - already out of school working in backbreaking jobs with little to no pay. I'd spend the next few months backpacking through different communities, listening to stories, and saw first-hand the impact of living on less than $3 a day had on children's education. 

I also saw - no matter where I go - the unwavering faith children and parents have in the power of education. Being educated was more than just acquiring knowledge. It brought dignity. 

After returning to Singapore I
took a gamble and started Books Beyond Borders with a simple idea: sell unused books and send 100% of the net profits to fund educational projects in places where no one else would. 

Today, more than ever, hundreds of supporters and readers like you have enabled us to impact thousands of students and low-income families in Nepal.

But we've barely scratched the surface.

The world is waiting — and we invite you to join us in our mission to break down the barriers to learning for all, one book at a time."

Randall, Founder
(Everest Base Camp, December 2017)

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