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Article: Being in School Is Not the Same as Learning

Being in School Is Not the Same as Learning

Imagine spending half a decade in school and still struggle to read or write a complete sentence. That’s the plight of many children today — over 600 million of them are in school, but aren't learning as they should.

In Nepal, a big percentage of students leave school before completing secondary education. Young girls and boys will likely end up starting families early and find low-skilled, dangerous work outside the country. More than 10,000 of them are trafficked every year

Change Starts With A Great Teacher

The good news is that it's a solvable problem.

We need to start looking at the learning crisis as a teaching crisis. Many education systems in low-income countries pay little attention to what teachers know, what they do in the classrooms, and whether they even show up. A school is as good as its teachers.

So while many organizations and charities focus on building schools and classrooms, we choose to invest in teachers. While we recognize that tackling the crisis requires more than just putting great teachers in a classroom, we believe it’s a first step in creating a world where everyone can be a reader and leader.

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Purchase With Purpose

Purchase With Purpose

What if there's a way to gain & give knowledge - while protecting our planet? That's our mission at Books Beyond Borders. Over the past year we've rehomed 4,200 books and raised $20,000 for org...

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