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Ganesh Basnet

Ganesh Basnet

Growing up, Ganesh had to walk 3 hours a day just to get to school. Because there was a lack of quality schools at where he lived, his father decided to have Ganesh complete his higher education in India - an investment that would pay off today. 

Right after his masters program in biotechnology, Ganesh returned back to Nepal and decided to teach - so young students that didn't have the opportunity to enter a good school would at least, have a great teacher.

He joined Teach For Nepal as a Science fellow in 2019.

"When covid hit, the situation was tough. All educational institutions were closed - but me and my co fellows were always coming up with alternative ways to help our students learn at home." 

Ganesh Basnet is a year 2 Science fellow currently placed in Shree Janak Secondary School, Lalitpur Nepal. 

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