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$30,164.92 Given Back to Schools

Supplies for my STEM Club

Help me provide basic materials for our school's STEM club so we can get every student excited about hands-on learning!

Anzu Pariyar

Teach For Nepal Fellow, 2020
Janajyoti Secondary School, Nepal

Updated on: 28 March, 2022

This project will potentially benefit 300 students.

My Project


In my school, we have more than 300 students from different ethnicities. Most of the children are from low-income families.

Before any fellows from Teach For Nepal were recruited here, the teaching methodology here was out-dated. Students were confined to the pages of books and limited their horizon of learning and experiencing new things. After we were placed here, we introduced new pedagogies in our classes.

We believe that students learning should not be limited

This is why we started "STEM Club" in our school. We were excited to participate in Books Beyond Border's Innovation Challenge this year, but unfortunately we fell short.

My students are still excited as to what STEM has to offer

The school is currently underfunded, and we were not given any financial support for our club. Right now, we only have a hot glue gun, 2 DC motors, few batteries and some cardboard.

We hope to raise money so that we can buy more materials and give every student a chance to get involve with our club. Thank you for helping fund our club!

What we will buy

A4 paper 2
Aluminum foil 2
Black Tape 20
Duct Tape 15
Scissors 15
Sketch Pens 10
Masking Tape 20
Cutting Mat 5
Wire Stripper 5
Plastic boxes 10
Soldering iron (60w) 2
Hand Saw 3
Glass 6
Gloves 6
Spring Clamp 6
Filer 2
Hammer 2
Nails 0.25 kg
Geared motors (100RMP) 15
Buzzer 15
LEDs 1000 pcs
LDRs 15
Resistors 200
Transistors (BC 547) 200
Rechargeable batteries (AA) 40
Battery Chargers 5
Electrical wires 1
Bread Board 5
Wheels 16
Glue Gun Stick 50
Push Button 30
DPTT Switch 100
Breadboard Jumper Wires 1
Battery Holder Case (4AA) 15
Battery 9v 30
Soldering Wire 10
Multimeter 2
Hot Glue Gun (60 watt) 3
Soldering Iron Stand 2

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