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$30,164.92 Given Back to Schools

School Musical Band

Help me fund the purchase of our musical instruments for our students to reduce absenteeism through engaging learning activities and develop students holistically!

Rabi Maharjan

Math Teacher, ICT Mentor, Musician

Panchakanya Secondary School, Nepal

Updated on: 11 Aug, 2022

This project will potentially benefit 200 students.

School Musical Band

​​“How beautiful would it be if our schools and our education program showed how music is a combination of many different cultures, and cultures are an expression of many kinds of music? There’s a lot for our students, not only from a musical perspective, but also from a global perspective and in showing them how they fit in as part of a bigger world.” – Dr. Miguel Cardona


I am Rabi Maharjan, a Math teacher from Panchakanya Secondary School and I am writing to get your support for our school’s musical band. 

Panchakanya Secondary School was first established in 2037 B.S. (1980 A.D.). Currently, we have about 200 students with 12 teaching staff. Panchakanya Music Club (PMC) is our music club founded in 2076 B.S. (2020 A.D.) with the help of different organizations and donors. The goal of setting up PMC was to provide support for students not just in terms of their studies, but also in the development of their life skills. 

Panchakanya School Musical Band (PSMB) is a project in association with PMC for students of Grades 6 to 10. Its vision is to create a conducive learning environment with adequate resources for musical activities where students who wish to engage in musical activities are always able to. 

PMC was set up by our school to address the concern that traditional schooling methods are inadequate for students’ holistic development. 

PMC’s strategy is to help students who want to learn some life skills like music. After PMC was set up and students were engaged in musical activities, absenteeism, one of the biggest problems of school, was somehow resolved. The school management, teachers, parents and other stakeholders were also satisfied with the participation of students in Music.

Its success in resolving a recurrent issue such as absenteeism also sends a positive message to the community outside of school that beyond academic skills, students also need development in terms of life skills like music, sports etc. PMC currently has 9 active members and 1 teacher mentor. 

PMC’s next plan is to establish a musical band in school. Each Friday, we hope to hold a cultural and musical program for these students. We wish to go ahead with initiatives such as training for club members, sessions to share about community cultures, such as different traditional folk music, as part of the project. We will also need a separate room to store our musical instruments.

This project aims to benefit 200 school students from Panchakanya Secondary School and the surrounding community.

After the establishment of this project, we will regularly monitor and evaluate the program. The secretary of PMC will deliver both technical and financial reports each month to the funding agency. This will include details of the class attendance by learners and teachers, lessons attended, materials purchased, challenges faced, achievements realized, money spent/saving and the community support. 

A variety of formal and informal Monitoring and Evaluation mechanisms will be central to ensuring the appropriate delivery of effective and sustainable services. PMC will continue to work with the House Division Unit along with the school administration. The club will also be continually encouraged to learn different types of musical skills.

With the establishment of the musical band, it will also allow our school to collaborate and network with the local community, community leaders, metropolitan city on the basis of music. This thus gives our students the opportunity to go beyond the classroom and community, alongside improving the learning environment. 

With the funds to set up the musical band, we can enroll up to 250 students, and enhance our classrooms to be more conducive for learning music. As our school lacks funding and our students come from lower-income family backgrounds, it would not be possible to fulfill the vision of PMC to set up the musical band without external funding.

Hence, to fulfill this vision, PMC would like to seek your support to fund the costs for our musical instruments. The estimated cost we will require is Rs. 50,000. Additional funds raised will be saved by PMC Fund Trust for maintenance costs.

What we will buy

Keyboard 13,500 1 13,500
Acoustic guitar 6,500 2 13,000
Madal (medium) 2,500 3 7,500
Flute 1,500 10 15,000
Shaker (small) 500 2 1,000

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