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Charity or Social Enterprise?

Charity or Social Enterprise?

 Same Same, But Different

After reading Nobel Prize Laureate, Mohammad Yunnus’ book —  Banker To The Poor (a little later than I should) I became obsessed with the idea of generating our own money to fund future projects.

Let me explain. 

Unlike the charity sector where one needs to collect consistent donations to fund new projects, a social enterprise operates just like any other for-profit business. They invest in all things necessary to grow the business and stay competitive. 

The main difference is how each business put their profits to work, and the impact they are seeking to create

We’ve made the shift in 2020 to operate as a social enterprise. Sure, we’ll be raising much lesser money than before — but we’re expecting to be in the game much longer. Covid-19 has impacted thousands of well-intentioned charities across the world today as more donors tighten their purse strings. 

Thanks to readers like you, we can be self-dependent and continue to fund projects improving the learning experience for many young potentials in the developing world. 

- Randall

 Cover photo by: Geet Sharma

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