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But Learning Never Stops

But Learning Never Stops

Every day is a chance to learn something new — and a day we don’t is one that we’ll never get back. The pandemic has kept nearly 10 million students out of classrooms today, and we see teachers are stepping in to create local solutions for local problems.

One of the most adopted solutions is online learning. But in many rural regions like Nepal, the digital divide is painfully real. Most families there do not have any access to technology at home. Even if they do, network access is rarely stable or available.

Krishna, the Headmaster of Terse Secondary School isn't going to let anything stand in the way of his students learning. So when schools are shut, teachers quickly formed groups of 10 to visit students' homes, twice a week. They distribute worksheets, reassure parents, and check-in on students' emotional well-being. They know schools provided much more than just a space to learn. For some, it was a place where children can be themselves. 

Now thanks to the school and local community efforts, 12 learning centers have recently been set-up. For 3–4 hours a day, teachers like Bhim can continue to run lessons in smaller groups, making sure learning never stops.

Nobody knows for sure how long the virus will be here to stay — but what we know is that the role of teachers will be more important now than ever. 

Photo credits: Krishna Dhungana, Terse Secondary School


Download our Q2 2020 profit & loss statements here. 100% of net profits and donations are on it’s way to our local partner Teach For Nepal to equip teachers with tools for remote-based learning. More details on our blog soon.

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