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$30,164.92 Given Back to Schools


  • What Space Means To Us

    What Space Means To Us

    It started with 3 boxes of books, a dusty corner in my grandfather’s spare room, and a few early customers who liked what we do. We were small — but cheap and cheerful. As we got more confident in telling our story,...

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  • Charity or Social Enterprise?

    Charity or Social Enterprise?

     Same Same, But Different After reading Nobel Prize Laureate, Mohammad Yunnus’ book —  Banker To The Poor (a little later than I should) I became obsessed with the idea of generating our own money to fund future projects. Let me explain. ...

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  • A Safe Space For Girls

    A Safe Space For Girls

    Schools are more than a place to learn. For girls in Shree Kalidevi Secondary School, it’s a place where they can feel safe. But it hasn’t always been this way until Ojashwi helped set up the Power Problem Support (PPS) as...

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  • But Learning Never Stops

    But Learning Never Stops

    Every day is a chance to learn something new — and a day we don’t is one that we’ll never get back. The pandemic has kept nearly 10 million students out of classrooms today, and we see teachers are stepping in to...

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